all foreign, all alien, all one

It strikes me odd that the human race, inevitably, has categorized, demonized, condescended, and degraded people based on skin color, sexual orientation, gender, etc., as though one race, sexual orientation, or gender is somehow the default “human” and the other is “alien”. When, in our every day, with our opposable thumbs and biologically similar extremities to the aliens we produce in Hollywood, we haven’t come to the recognition that we – yes WE – are likely the aliens. All of us. Aliens to this planet, for all we know and maybe the mission that eludes us is this simple recognition – that despite our external differences, our internal similarities and our external similarities far outweigh anything different.

If only, stripped of our clothing and our cultural fare, we might see, with our eyes, hearts, oddly shaped sexual organs, and our pudgy, protruding bellies that we are alien, even without being from another planet. All aliens. Aliens to each others’ languages, nations, cultures, and religions at least. All on this crazy planet. All fervently in love & hate; whichever we so choose.

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